What is ladies who learn?

Ladies Who Learn (LWL) offers curated opportunities for high-level professional women to learn something new together. Let’s break that down, shall we:

“Curated” seems to be a buzz word these days, but it accurately describes what LWL aims to do by providing thought-out events led by experts in distinctive settings with unique touches

“Opportunities” – currently, our Signature Events offer experiential learning – think, hands-on classes, but soon, we’ll be expanding to Ladies Who Learn+Lunch (midweek class while we enjoy a catered lunch), Weekend LWL Workshops (for those classes that take a little bit longer to accomplish or might even be a little excursion away from Atlanta), Little Ladies Who Learn (why must it only be us who enjoys all the fun?), LWL Lecture Series (talks with authors, politicians, policy-makers, behind the scene tours), Homegrown LWL (we’ll turn the tables and YOU get to teach what you know)

“High-level” – we often get questions about this; my answer – you are high-level if you FEEL high-level

“Professional” – while not explicitly a networking group, the best networking tends to grow when people are comfortable and engaged – therefore, our events lend themselves to getting to know each other quicker just by the nature of what we’re doing together, which in turn builds relationships

“Women” – Girl.Power.Enough.Said

“Learning” especially after formal education, involves taking risks, expanding one’s mind and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.  It’s about learning, not to get the best grade, or trying to get into a graduate program – it’s for the pure sake of learning where there isn’t a test at the end.  We are granted the freedom to not excel or become an expert (for once).  It’s liberating to finally embrace this – trust me!

“Something” – can be anything to everything – the sky is the limit.  I was asked what I would do when I ran out of class ideas.  Honestly, this didn’t even occur to me before.  Sure, we’ll do repeats for those popular classes that sold out or the ones you keep inquiring about, but as a born and bred worrier, this is one thing that I have zen about. 

“New” to you or not – maybe glass blowing blew your mind and you want to do it again – do it!

“Together” – Ah, saved the best for last – this is the foundation of LWL – togetherness, community, camaraderie.  Sure, you can sign-up for a class by yourself or even with a friend, but LWL’s entire premise is built on the joy of learning together

be smart. be social.